Princess Scarlet
Species Butterfly
Gender Female
Home Papillia
First appearance Filly Butterfly toy line
Title Princess
Księżniczka Lang-PL (Family Tree)[1]
Prinses Lang-NL
Prinzessin Lang-DE (Collections bio)[2]
Prinsessan Lang-SE
Prinsesse Lang-DK
Printsess Lang-ET
Princesè Lang-LI
Other names Skarlet Lang-LI

Скарлет Lang-RU


Princess Scarlet is a Special Character of the Butterfly Fillies. She rules Papillia and visits in the Butterfly Ship.

References and notesEdit

  1. Her Collections name list her name simply as "Księżniczka", as if 'Princess' was her entire name.
  2. Her name is titleless in both the Family Tree and Collections sections, and only the Collections bio story describes her as a princess.
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