Princess Scarlet
Species Butterfly
Gender Female
Home Papillia
First appearance Filly Butterfly toy line
Title Princess
Księżniczka Lang-PL (Family Tree)[1]
Prinses Lang-NL
Prinzessin Lang-DE (Collections bio)[2]
Prinsessan Lang-SE
Prinsesse Lang-DK
Printsess Lang-ET
Princesè Lang-LI
Other names Skarlet Lang-LI
Скарлет Lang-RU

Princess Scarlet is a Special Character of the Butterfly Fillies. She rules Papillia and visits her friends in the Butterfly Ship once a month.

Her ship is staying on the blue lake in the center of Papillia for three days and nights. Scarlet  is always trying to see every friend of her there.

Princess Scarlet is also described as a ruler of 'many other unknown Butterfly kingdoms' by the text of official media.

She has a pet who is Harmony, the ladybug and it is said that Harmony's voice is special as she can sing. On each night, Scarlet and Harmony perform a song and it can be heard from a big distance.

In the story of Filly Butterfly, Scarlet invites other butterfly fillys to a big dance at the ship. It was the first time when they saw a bulding uknown to them.

The lines of the official description of Scarlet:

'Her rainbow wings are the largest butterfly wings you have ever seen, and she is amazingly beautiful'.

In 'Filly Funtasia'

Scarlet was a planned character for one of the two specials of the show. Her design is slightly altered but is still recognizable.

References and notes

  1. Her Collections name list her name simply as "Księżniczka", as if 'Princess' was her entire name.
  2. Her name is titleless in both the Family Tree and Collections sections, and only the Collections bio story describes her as a princess.

Scarlet in 'Filly Butterfly' special

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