Princess Sparkle
Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Iridia
First appearance Filly Unicorn toy line
Title Princess
Princesse Lang-FR
Princezna Lang-CZ
Prinsessan Lang-SE
Prinsesse Lang-DK
Prinzessin Lang-DE
Принцесса Lang-RU
Other names Cпapк, Спаркл Lang-RU
Other relatives Flora (cousin)
Varita (unspecified)

Princess Sparkle, sometimes titulated simply as Miss Sparkle, is the most central Filly Unicorn, both in terms of island of residence, how rare her toy is, and as the only entitled princess in Crystalia. She is also seen as the principal of the Royal Magic Academy. She has a reputation for providing harmony to the Unicorn Fillies, and for hosting big parties once a month until the sun goes down. Whether this causes problems with party times in the winter months is not known.

Princess Sparkle lives in the tall tower in the center of Iridia, and she is responsible for the magical crystal that grants Crystalia its rainbow bridges. Every day, she polishes it and empowers it with her golden horn, sustaining the land's harmony.

She is said to like writing letters to her fellow unicorns, as well as simply walking around Crystalia, collecting a crystal if she finds one. Her tower even has a hidden chamber where she stores all the crystals she has found or has been gifted.

Princess Sparkle 2, toy bio

"Princess Sparkle lives in her glorious tower, from where she spreads harmony to all corners of Crystalia. Every month she hosts a big party where all the Filly visit her and dance until the sun goes down."

Known appearances in Filly FuntasiaEdit

In the October 2013 trailer, she sits behind a writing desk with several books and drinking glasses on it. She looks just as shocked as the four teachers at the school when news break about a monster.

In the April 2014 trailer, she is seen running to her stationary mirror as fast as possible when Bella is calling.

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