Filly Wiki
First appearance Filly Fairy toy line
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Other names ПакLang-RU.png
Home The Palace
Sibling/s Zoeda
Parent/s Melian
Other relatives Will (cousin)
Fawn (uncle)
Faye (cousin)

Her profile

This text was taken from Filly Sammelband and translated from German automatically


  • Maid
  • Eye colour: Light green
  • Coat colour: Golden yellow
  • Occupation: Maid
  • Place of residence: The Great Flower Palace
  • Special feature: Her feather duster can make music.
  • Favourite motto: I am always ready for order and cleanliness
  • Family and Friends: In addition to her work at the Flower Palace, Puk helps her parents. In her mother's restaurant, she likes to clean the pots and pans.
  • Her musical feather duster: Puk has an enchanted feather duster. Whenever she's cleaning while humming, it whirls at the ceiling and suddenly makes its own music.

Possible appearance in Filly Funtasia

In The Cupcake Mystery, a Filly resembling Puk is seen stacking several lounge couches in front of a window. However, this Filly seems likely to be male, whereas Puk is female.

Filly Fairy collection guide

Puk's name remains unchanged from it.


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