Queen Nieva
Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Glacia
First appearance Filly Ice Unicorn toy line
Title Queen (Lang-DE Family Tree)

Правительница, повелительница Lang-RU

Other names Нива Lang-RU

Queen Nieva is the ruler of Glacia and a resident of Iridia. She performs ice dancing, and when she dances, her horn lights up in a magical purple color.

Queen Nieva 1
Residents of Iridia
Dash, Fortuna, Miracle (unicorn), Princess Sparkle, Queen Nieva, Varita
Residents of Glacia
Alex, Amanda (unicorn), Carina, Dash, Felicity, Isis, Miracle (unicorn), Nox, Queen Nieva, Rania, Stella, Tiara, Twizzle
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