Romancia 1
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Romancia is the location of Filly Dream Wedding, an expansion of Filly Wedding. The naming of the place is however in sharp contrast to Filly Wedding, whose snowy main location is unnamed to this day.

Romancia is a fairly summerly location, being within meters of the sea shore, has palmtrees as part of its flora, and decorates with many flowers when they celebrate. The shiny summer sunsets while the Fillys are still perfectly awake also indicates a tropical location. A "magical" steam train of happiness has run a route at least once between Zimsala and Romancia. Small boats are also present.

Noteworthily, it uses a calendar notation akin to that of most of Earth, using the days between Monday and Saturday to describe when the Filly couples are getting married, and describing the couple of Daisy and Dylan as "2014 butterflies" in bio form.


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