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First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Species Princess/Royale
Gender Female
Title In Filly Princess
•Duchesse Lang-FR.png
•Duquesa Lang-ES.png
•Grevinde Lang-DK.png
•Hercegnö Lang-HU.png
•Hertiginna Lang-SE.png
•Hertuginne Lang-NO.png
•Herzogin Lang-DE.png
•Księżna Lang-PL.png
•Vévodkyně Lang-CZ.png
•Герцогиня Lang-RU.png
•Duchessa Lang-IT.png

In Filly Royale
•Prinzessin Lang-DE.png
•Принцеса Lang-UA.png
•Księżniczka Lang-PL.png
•Princezna Lang-CZ.png
•Printsess Lang-ET.png
•Princese Lang-LV.png
•Princesė Lang-LI.png
•Princesse Lang-FR.png

Other names Fergie Lang-HU.png
Романтика Lang-UA.png Lang-RU.png
Home In Filly Princess
Castle of Taliesin

In Filly Royale
Dream House

Spouse In Filly Princess
Duke Linard
Children In Filly Princess
Lady Lori
Countess Magica
Countess Melody (adopted)
Grandparents In Filly Princess
Emperor Karus
Empress Diva
Other relatives In Filly Princess
Prince Valentin (brother-in-law)
Princess Amira (sister-in-law)
Sultan Amin (father-in-law)
Snow Queen (mother-in-law)
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Romantica is one of the characters who was updated from the Filly Princess toy line with the Filly Royale toy line.

Story from Filly Royale toy line (on MyFilly site)

Princess Romantica is a hopeless romantic. She loves to read the love stories of Princess Heart. She is Heart's no. 1 fan! She is often seen daydreaming beneath the trees of Royalia, wishing for her prince charming to come! She thinks Prince Amin is quite cute! if only Prince Amin would notice her...

On the pages of Filly Sammelband...

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Princess Romantica

  • Eye colour: Frog green
  • Coat colour: Blackberry purple
  • She likes: Raving about her fairy tale prince all day long
  • Special traits: She can go on dream trips in her magic bed with her eyes wide open
  • This is friendship: When you keep thinking about each other
  • (about image of her with a frog) Whoa, what funny thing jumped on Romantica's head? This makes swimming even more fun!
  • Did you know? Romantica would like to know what her sweetheart will look like. In Sweden, in midsummer night on June 24th, girls put seven flowers under their pillows. They say they dream of the boy they will marry one day.
  • My tip for little princesses: Spreading a little honey on dry lips helps.

Filly Princess toy line character

Romantica in Filly Princess

Duchess Romantica is a female Princess Filly. She lived her early life somewhere in the nature of Britain, but fell in love when Duke Linard was on a particular visit to Britain, leading her to join him on his way back to the Filly Kingdom, where they have lived in the Castle of Taliesin ever since. She still makes a visit to her parents back home once a year.

While Filly Forest and Filly Beach Party had a long number of Fillys who grew up in Great Britain, especially if going by Forest's first-release canon, Romantica is the only known Filly in the currently thought-of Filly canon to come from an Earth country.

Sammelband 2012 keeps calling her 'Romántica' (and not only while listing names of residents of Castle of Taliesin, but on her regular page too).

In Filly Sammelband...

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  • Eye colour: Light brown
  • Coat colour: White with pink spots
  • Occupation: Duchess
  • Place of residence: Neuschönstein Castle
  • Special trait: Once a year she visits her parents in Great Britain
  • Favourite motto: 'Enjoy even the little things, then you will always succeed'
  • Favourite place: Under her favorite tree
  • Family & Friends: She lives in the Filly kingdom with her lover, Duke Linard, and their three children, Countess Magica, Countess Melody and Dame Lori
  • Her little joys: She is happy about many little things: morning dew, ladybugs, pollen and even raindrops give her the greatest joy
  • She likes that: She is very fond of reading romance novels and her favorite flowers are diamond flowers
Romantica - Sammelband

She grew up in what-now?

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