Species Reindeer
Gender Male
Home Unknown
First appearance A Filly Wedding set of two Fillys and accessories
Other names Romy Rakete Lang-DE (nickname he claims to have)

Роми Lang-RU


Romy is a reindeer from the later expansion series of the Filly Wedding toy line. He was originally an accessory in a small package of multiple large-scale Fillys, and has later appeared in comics and magazines related to Filly Wedding. He works as a transport method for the various wedding couples between a housing facility of unknown size and importance, and an outdoor wedding area, dragging a sled after him. He also likes to eat leaves from wedding bouquets.

He is seemingly able to talk to the Fillys, much like Battiwigs is able to, though his biggest comic appearance as of 17th of December 2014 doesn't rule out that the readers can hear him but that the Fillys can't, not unlike Garfield or Jolly Jumper from the Lucky Luke franchise.

Russian version of 'Filly Magazine' calls Romy 'a she'.

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