An image of Rose from the promotional materials of the show
Voiced by Stephanie Beard

Mezey Kitti Lang-HU

Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Amoria
First appearance Toys:
Filly Unicorn toy line
The Cupcake Mystery
Other names The toy lines

Роза, Роуз Lang-RU

In Filly Funtasia

Роуз Lang-UA

璐璐 Lang-ZH

Rouz Language-sr

Parent/s Leaf
Great Grandparents Lily (Filly Funtasia)
Other relatives Cordelia (aunt)
Romeo (cousin)

Romantica - unknown, information from the magazine

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Rose is a Unicorn Filly and the main character of Filly Funtasia, which focuses on her time at the Royal Magic Academy.

In Filly Funtasia

Rose is a student at the Royal Magic Academy. She shares a dorm with Bella and their dorm pet is Bijou the owl. Rose is a very able student and is often called upon by Principal Sparkle if she needs help.

Her best friends are Bella, Lynn, Cedric, Will, and Fabian. She appears to have a crush on the top student Star Filly, Zack. In the opening credits, Rose is seen happily saying goodbye to her parents before rushing off through the mirror to the academy.

Text featured below is taken from the official pitch bible of the show. As it was written while the series was in the early stages of its development some of parts of this text can be outdated.

Rose is a lovely, bright and caring young Unicorn, who always strives to be the very best at everything she does. And she usually succeeds, well, that is when she isn't having a bad hair day. It's not that Rose is overly vain; she just has a typical young teen mentality.

Her need to prove herself often leads Rose into highly stressful and even dangerous situations.

Likes: Pink, cupcakes, springtime, reading and dancing.

Dislikes: Apples, the color gray and gray days, and science class.                                                                    

Favorite saying (while pointing her Unicorn horn): Do you get my point?                                                   

Special magical power: Being able to suddenly see things 'crystal' clearly in the midst of chaos.         

This stylish young Princess is a newcomer to the Royal Magic Academy. She has a tendency to be selft-conscious; the sudden lack of privacy, sharing a dorm room, is a bit worrisome. However, Rose soon warms to the idea of getting to borrow cute things from her new roomies.

The text for pitch bible of the specials describes her like this:

Rose is a lovely, bright and caring young Unicorn, who always strives to be the very best at everything she does. And she usually succeeds. Well, that's when she doesn't go overboard trying to excel at something that was not so complicated to start from. Truth is her need to prove herself often leads Rose to highly stressful and even dangerous situations!

Toy canon

In merchandise, Rose is considered a very good painter, with special abilities being granted by either a paintbrush or her horn (usually the former in German sources). She is also helpful at her mother's restaurant and is good at cooking food, though painting is her true passion. She dreams of finding true love.

One english language's card of a special toy of Rose provides a slightly different description: 'Rose loves to go out in nature and paint what comes to mind. While she paints, the colors of the rainbows become even more bright and wonderful that usual'.

Rose bio

"Rose, the daughter of Leaf, is very fond of art and painting. When she is not helping her mother in her restaurant, she can spend hours in the garden painting wonderful pictures."

Literature descriptions

Taken both from the German-language Filly Sammelband and a Russian-language Filly Unicorn book ('Filly Unicorns: Our magical world') which text is based on the german book with the title 'Filly Unicorn: Unsere magische welt'.

Art artist


  • Name: Rose
  • Eye color: Green
  • Coat color: Pink
  • Horn color: Magenta
  • Occupation: Art artist
  • Island: Amoria
  • Favourite activities: To paint and to attend exhibitions
  • Ability: To make the paint glow
  • Character: Creative, dreamy
  • Unusual trait: She has a magic paintbrush, and with it she can paint every color of the rainbow.
  • Favorite motto: "With a brush and some paint and paper, I paint the prettiest pictures."

Her talent:
Rose rarely can be seen without a paintbrush or colored pencils. Her most favourite thing in the whole world is to make sketches and paint pictures. Secluding herself in the Amoria garden, Rose spends hours on painting masterpieces that amaze anyone who sees them. Of course, it's not just about the talent - it also has to do with the magical power of her horn: as soon as Rose touches a painting with it, the painting sparkles with colors so mysterious that nobody has ever seen them before. Simply charming!

Her dream:
Rose is a frequent guest in Leaf's (her mother) restaurant, since the kitchen always needs some help. To cut vegetables, to stir soup, to wash dishes? Sure! But if you were to ask Rose if she wanted to dedicate her life to cooking, the artist would answer: No way! She dreams of her own museum where she could display her paintings. And also Rose really wants to set up an exhibition with only paintings of hearts — Rose likes painting them the most!

She likes to do this:
When she isn't helping her mother in the restaurant, she sits for hours in the garden and paints beautiful magical pictures.

Her most important painting:
For Crystalia's anniversary, she made a tremendously huge picture where every Filly was included. It was placed in a spot of honour at the castle.

Her pieces of advice:
If someone needs support, Rose is always ready to come. For instance, she likes to take care of her cousin Romeo. He is head over heels in love with Kirina, and Rose often reads his poems and gives him advice on how to conquer the beloved one's heart. But will Rose herself find the prince of her dreams? Every night (and even more frequently!) she dreams of great love.

Toy releases

Having been a part of a popular toy brand, Rose has seen quite a few releases, editions and distributions of her.

  • 2011: Filly main magazine 03/2011, 05/2011 (1 Filly out of 20);
  • 2011: Filly Unicorn main set;
  • 2011: Filly main magazine 10/2011;
  • 2012: Filly year calendar (1 Filly out of 20);
  • 2012: Filly Unicorn Silver Edition main set;
  • March 2012: Filly Special magazine #12 (1 Filly out of 4);
  • 2012: Filly Special Edition 1 set (Holding a set of painting equipment);
  • Filly Unicorn Pearlies main set;
  • Filly Erazy set (the 'Filly' erasers);
  • Filly Unicorn magazine: Schlosszauber (Holding a heart);
  • Filly Ballerina version (wearing a tutu);
  • Filly Unicorn re-release, both in a foil bag's toy form and a 'Garden' set's reissue (with a table and the flowers);
  • The chinese figurines based on Filly Funtasia show's characters (2019);

Rose in the style of 'Unicorns', the second release of the toys

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