Species Royale
Gender Male
Home Crystal's Castle
First appearance Filly Royale toy line
Title King






Other names Рой Lang-UALang-RU
Spouse Crystal
Children Cedric
For the Ice Elf Filly, see Roy (Elf).

King Roy is the king of the Filly Royale toy line and, in that set, is Prince Cedric's father.

The toy of Roy was released several times, including the figruine of 'Crystal edition' where his design didn't saw any change to it but the image of this filly was redrawn in the new visual style of 'Filly'. This edtion doesn't feature Roy as a rare or a special figurine as well.

Story from MyFilly site

KING ROY WAS BORN IN ROYALIA. He loves going on adventures, One day, he was out searching for the most magical crystal when he met PRINCESS Crystal. They fell in love and got married, giving Crystal her "new" name: Queen Crystal. It was the most memorable and magical wedding in Royalia. That is why all Fillys love weddings! King Roy is noble and gallant. He loves to please his queen by going around Royalia, in search for the perfect crystal! (LEGEND HAS IT THAT THE WILLOW TREE WHICH BLOOMS SPECIAL CRYSTALS ONLY ONCE A YEAR, AT THE BRIGHTEST MOONLIGHT, HOLDS THE PERFECT CRYSTAL!)

Residents of Crystal's Castle
Amalia, Cedric, Crystal, Rainbow, Roy (Royale)
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