Royal Magic Academy
Police academy
Region Funtasia
Native Filly type Students include:

Other visitors include: Star
Residents Wranglum
Other names Magic Royal Academy, Filly Magic Academy and Royal Academy of Magic, at various times during development.

The Royal Magic Academy, named in press statements as the Magic Royal Academy, is the main setting of Filly Funtasia and a location in Funtasia, and is a school for young Fillys and aims at honing the students' magical skills. The Academy accepts students at adolescent age, but how many years it lasts, is not known. It is the only location in the Filly World that is known to use the Filly Funtasia writing system.

Among the facilities at the Academy are a library, a ballroom with a concert stage, and what appears to be rooms known as "common rooms" that are shared between multiple dorms. The Academy also have an unprecedented network of stationary mirrors, who while they seem to be based on the same magic as the students' personal portable mirrors, have so far been limited to mirror-to-mirror, or M2M, communicating. Lighting at the Academy is very situational, with many rooms having no apparent lighting sources, the ballroom having several lightbulb crowns, the Wranglum's overall dark hideout having a blue-glowing candle stick, and one room have been observed using candles hung up on the wall.

The Academy does have a pipe system, presumably a mechanical one. An old room through which pipes are going, though they appear to be non-functional now, have been furnished with books and basic furniture and is now used as the main living room for Wranglum and his minion Battiwigs.

Its towers soar high up in the sky, with unconfirmed estimates of the highest tower surpassing 300 meters (above 1,000ft), and other centrally placed buildings easily above 80 meters despite seemingly only having three very big floors with windows. Among the castle's features are several huge garden areas, and hallways decorated in various art styles. The castle is connected to the Funtasia road system that must surely lead to somewhere.

Principals and teachersEdit

Princess Sparkle from Crystalia is the head principal of the Academy's school activities. Florian, Ashia and Twilight are the named teachers known so far.