Royal Magic Academy
Police academy
Region Funtasia
Native Filly type Students include:
Residents Staff
Dorm pets
Wranglum (in secret)

The Royal Magic Academy is the main setting of Filly Funtasia and a location in Funtasia. The Academy accepts students at adolescent age, but how many years it lasts, is not known. It is the only location in the Filly World that is known to use the Filly Funtasia writing system.

As well as classes, the academy has many events, including Mascot Show and a small-scale theatre productions.

Unknown to the Fillies, the academy's basement is being used as a hideout by the dark wizard Wranglum, who is aided by dorm pet Battiwigs.


Students attending the academy get given a dorm room (complete with dorm pet) and a magic mirror to aid them with casting magic. It is not clear how many students attend the academy, though many background characters who appear to be students can be seen during episodes.


Most episodes focus on Rose's class, but whether or not Fabian is present changes depending on the episode.

Class Teacher
Astronomy Antares
Crystal Magic Florian
Geography Thori
Gym Coach
History Twilight
Potions Ashia

NOTE: Some class names have not been confirmed.


  • The academy's name was also given as Magic Royal Academy, Filly Magic Academy and Royal Academy of Magic at various times during development.
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