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Due to the various decisions of the creators, the toy lines have scrapped designs of recolored fillys or even unique characters.

It doesn't necessarily mean all of them would be planned to appear in the actual release of the editions but each one of the designs are seen on 'work in progress' images of the package (Royale Ballerinas) or on a picture released by MyFilly Fanpop and Pinterest accounts (Mermaids).

All of the mermaid fillys are heavily based on the designs of old characters from Glitter edition while some Royale Ballerinas may be the copies of each other which is suggested by the details of their crowns.

List of the characters

Mermaids of Super Glitter edition
Yellow, red and sea green Mermaid Filly with the spot reminding of a coral near the hoof. Her appearance was heavily based on the design of a mermaid from 'Glitter' edition, Chelsea.
Blue and pink Mermaid Filly who has a pattern in the shape of a starfish. The design appears to be nearly identical to one of Adriana ('Glitter' edition filly)
Pink Mermaid with a yellow tail who was based on the visual traits of Andy. His symbol is the drawing of a seashell.
Pink and blue Mermaid Filly, whose pattern is a symbol of a wave of the sea. She was recolored from the drawing of Ziri.
Pink and violet Mermaid Filly with the teal colored tail. The symbol appears to be close to shells of a mollusk. This filly was redrawn from the illustration of Martin.
Pink and yellow Mermaid Filly with the blue tail and the pattern reminding the shape of a mollusk's shell. Almost every detail of her appearance was copied from the design of Musica.
Light blue and pink Mermaid Filly. Her tail is violet and the symbol she received is bearing resemblance to a coral. This design is repeating one of Memory.
A Mermaid Filly of beige and pink

colors. The tail of this character is yellow. She doesn't seem to have any patterns or symbols and is based on the appearance of Jenny.

White and purple Mermaid Filly with a violet tail. His symbol may remind the shape of a seashell. This character shares many visual traits with the old character who is known as Calypso.
Ballerinas of Royale
A white and pink Royale Ballerina filly, her eyes are of the blue colour and the same can be said about the pattern. This character was never named but she can be seen on virtually every 'work in progress' image of the package when Filly Ballerina could be using the characters of Filly Royale.
Pink and red Royale Ballerina Filly with the green eyes and the violet swan symbol.
Pink and green Royale Ballerina Filly
Light pink Royale Ballerina filly with the dark pink tutu and the violet hooves.
Yellow and blue Royale Ballerina filly.
Light pink or white Royale Ballerina filly with violet hair.
Violet Royale Ballerina filly with yellow hair. The colour of the gem may suggest her being a part of Ruby Group.
Light pink and green Royale Ballerina filly.
White and pink Royale Ballerina filly. Her appearance on the images that explain difference between this toy line and the others may mean she would be the special character of Filly Ballerina but it is not very clear.
Yellow and pink Royale Ballerina filly. Her appearance could be based on the design of the first Royale Ballerina character.
Light pink and purple Royale Ballerina filly. Her symbol is a drawing of a swan.