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First appearance Filly magazine
Species Mermaid
Gender Female
Title Princess
Other names Шайн Lang-RU.png
Home Sunshine Tower
Sibling/s Vivian

One of the super-gloss ('Super glitter') edition Mermaid Fillies, though, unusually, her tail has two colours.

Another picture of Shine; from 'MyFilly' fanpop page

She's called 'another special mermaid' by the official description of the edition she was first appeared with.

Shine has a magical sun catcher wand, it is said to collect sunshine which Shine spreads to other mermaids who are her friends. The mermaid gave the wand to Glitterina after they became best friends.

The groups of mermaids Shine and Glitterina belong to, got along together just as well as these two fillys did.