Filly Silberzauber magazine cover, first spotted in late February 2015. Compare and contrast with Emma's usual appearance.

For the Filly Forest Appaloosa horse, see Silver.

Silber is a part of several terms that are used for Filly re-release editions with more silvery colorations, especially SilberStars and Silberzauber. Silber is the German word for silver.

Filly brands from Fairy and later has received Silber releases after some years, though it started with Filly Unicorn in 2012. Usually, hair colors are less shiny and more pale, though they haven't lost too much of their colorfulness. Wings, capes, crowns and shiny elements, are silver-colored, white or blank, though it's uncommon for all of those elements to be fully recolored.

In order of release:

The toys that are released in the Silber brands are always the Standard-size Filly toys, without known exceptions.

With each Silber brand, follows one edition of a Silber-themed Filly magazine, where they predictably enough celebrate all things silver. Silver rain, silver decorations, silver clubs, you name it, they have it.

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