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The logo as you may recognize it from the commercials.

Simba, which is a part of the larger corporate Simba Dickie Group, is a toy company established in Germany. Simba Toys was created in 1982 as a father-son company in Fürth in southern Germany, and in 1993 acquired the Dickie Toys properties after the original owner of Dickie since 1971 had died.

They held the German sales license for Filly for some years and placed their logo prominently in Filly toy commercials from this time, often ending the advertisements with "Neu von Simba" (Lang-US.png: New from Simba), to the point where they in September 2013 were announced to be the master licensee of Filly. In January 2014, however, Simba they got their license withdrawn by Dracco, reducing their financial incomes markedly, and Filly material that before were on Simba-Dickie's home page were removed.

Supposed Filly founding

Due to this placement in toy advertising, Simba's reputation for store-brand horse toys for the German market, and at least one disproven story of Filly's early years being a knockoff of My Little Pony Generation 3 toy-shape molds, Simba is often believed to be the creators of Filly. However, Dracco have later turned out to be the proper creators of the brand instead.


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