Sir Kuno
Sir Kuno
Species Princess
Gender Male
Home Castle of Rhiannon
First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Title Sir
Herr Lang-NO
Ritter Lang-DE
Rytíř Lang-CZ
Sire Lang-FR
Рыцарь Lang-RU
Other names Arthur Lang-HU
куно Lang-RU
Spouse Baroness Flower
Other relatives Cedric
Noëlle (niece) (cousin)
Princess Jade (cousin)
Princess Pretty (cousin)

Given the extensive nature of the Princess Fillies's family tree in toy canon, it is likely that Sir Kuno is Cedric's cousin through King Ekaros' family, though it is not clear which of he and his wife is a blood relative. It is also possible that "cousin" is being used generally and that they are further removed than his first cousin.

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