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Native Filly type Star
Subregions Moonlight region
Starlight region
Rainbow Bridge
Structures Star Boat
House with Many Doors
Rainbow Castle
Star Look-Out
Star Palace
Star Wheel
Other names Скайлия Lang-RU.png Lang-UA.png

Країна Скайлія Lang-UA.png

Skylia is the main location of the Star Fillies. The Star Fillies are described as living far up in the sky, between the sun, moon and the stars. The queen is Cassiopeia and the princess (her daughter) is Zodia. The vice king and queen are Aries and Tauria.

Known fauna includes birds, and known flora includes indistinct flowers, unless Libra is heading to other places to do flower things.

Two of its subregions (the Rainbow Bridge and Star Wheel) are not home to any particular group.


Saga provides lessons on magic. It has many secret places, as Virginia admits to knowing all of them. Afrodite can affect Skylia's weather, proving that Skylia at least has weather.

Story from MyFilly site

High above the Filly World is a very special place called Skylia—home to the Filly Stars, all known for their magical horns and big, beautiful feather wings.

The most well-known of the Filly Stars are the ones who live in the Starlight region of Skylia: the Filly Skylights, Filly Sunlights and Filly Starlights. These are the ones who influence day, night and weather in the Filly World. The Filly Sunlights guard the Star Palace, which is the magical entrance to Skylia from the outside world.

On the edge of their realm is a magical rainbow bridge, which was created by Queen Cassiopeia, the queen of all the Filly Starlights. The bridge only appears at twilight and is the link to another darker part of Skylia. Here the moon casts long shadows, and it is said that many hidden secrets lie here.

To the other Fillys in Skylia, this Moonlight region is considered a mysterious place, and they only go there to collect rare crystals.

The Filly Moonlights inhabit this part of Skylia. All Fillys in Skylia used to live together as one united kingdom long ago. Nobody remembers why, but something created a rift and the Fillys of Starlight and Moonlight drifted apart.

The last group of Fillys in Skylia are the Filly Twilights, the messengers. They live in the wonderful Star Boat, which Queen Cassiopeia uses on her many travels to the Filly World below. The Twilights can easily be recognized by the small wings on their hooves, and they are welcomed everywhere they go.

When a Filly Star grows up, a zodiac mark becomes visible on her or his leg. This is always celebrated by a great ceremony at the Rainbow Castle, where Queen Cassiopeia and her daughter, Princess Zodia, live.

Twelve small zodiac pets also live in Skylia, each with its own unique personality – and sometimes it is a bit difficult keeping an eye on so many pets!

One day, Princess Zodia meets Prince Zack of the Moonlights by accident. They instantly become friends! They have to hide their friendship from their families, but as their friendship becomes stronger, the rainbow bridge appears for a longer and longer time each day.

Will Skylia finally be reunited?

Residents of Skylia