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Snow Princess
First appearance Filly Royale toy line
Species Royale
Gender Female
Title Princess
Принцеса Lang-UA.png


Other names Снiжок Lang-UA.png
Home Hair Salon
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Snow Princess is one of the characters who was updated from the Filly Princess toy line with the Filly Royale toy line.

Although her location is given as the Hair Salon, she owns the Royal Spa.

Snow is released as a toy for the newest edition of 'Filly Royale', she is an ordinary filly who is not rare or special, and the visual style she is drawn in is a new style of 'Filly'. The design of Snow being featured in this edition doesn't have any change when compared to any other 'Royale' version of her.

Story from Filly Royale toy line (on MyFilly site)

Snow Princess loves ice and frost. Every year on the first day of snow, she is the first one outside, rolling in the snow and throwing snowballs at everybody. She sometimes makes snow indoors by mistake...even in the Royal Spa which she owns.

Snow Queen
First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Species Princess
Gender Female
Title Queen
Dronning Lang-DK.png
Dronningen Lang-NO.png
Drottning Lang-SE.png
Királynõ Lang-HU.png
Königin Lang-DE.png
Королева Lang-RU.png
Královna Lang-CZ.png
Królowa Lang-PL.png
Reine Lang-FR.png
Королева Lang-RU.png
Regina Lang-IT.png
Other names Des Neiges Lang-FR.png
Snö Lang-SE.png
Snø Lang-NO.png
Сноу Lang-RU.png
Home Castle of Belisama
Spouse Sulta Admin
Children Duke Linard
Princess Amira
Prince Valentin
Grandchildren Countess Magica
Countess Melody
Lady Lori
Other relatives Cedric (nephew through marriage)
Duchess Romantica (daughter-in-law)
Emperor Karus (father-in-law)
Empress Diva (mother-in-law)
Queen Leonarda (sister-in-law)
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Filly Princess toy line character

Snow Queen (or Queen Snow) is the ruler of the north-eastern region of the Filly Kingdom. In pursuit of making her subjects happy, she came up with the Snow Medal - a reward that is given to any filly who manages to invent something useful or marvelous for the kingdom.

As soon as the winter comes, Snow's subjects should be cautious, since Queen Snow starts to act very child-like: she builds snowmen and rides her sled from any, even the smallest, hill. The queen's favourite activity is snowball fights, and the first snowball of the winter is always thrown at her husband, Sulta(n) A(d)min.


  • The Czech translation calls her "Královna Snow Queen" ("Queen Snow Queen").
  • The French translation calls her "Queen of Snow" ("Reine des Neiges").
  • The Russian version calls her "Королева Сноу" (Queen Snow), treating "Snow" as a name rather than actual snow. This means it's a partial translation and a partial transliteration at the same time.
  • The Hungarian, Norwegian, and Swedish translations compound the name into a single word:
    • Hungarian: "Hó" (snow) and "királynõ" (Queen) into "Hókirálynõ" ("Snow Queen").
    • Norwegian: "Snø" (snow) and "dronningen" (the queen) into "Snødronningen" ("The Snow Queen").
    • Swedish: "Snö" (snow) and "drottning" (queen) into "Snödrottning" ("Snow Queen").
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