Species Barb horse
Gender Male
Home Denmark
First appearance Unknown
Other names Vločka Lang-CZ

Boule de neige Lang-FR


Snowball, from the Filly Beach Party toyline, originally came from a region in northern Africa, but headed over to Denmark when he was pretty young. When the winter snow falls, he can't stop himself from playing and running around with lots of energy.

The stats from the card's text:

  • Beauty: 100;
  • Speed: 200;
  • Intelligence: 400;

A 'Sammelband 2010' image.

Other appearances

The filly is seen at one photo of package of one 'Filly Princess' playsets (they are being surrounded by 'Princess' characters). However, the colour of the figurine can be easily mistaken as one of Nemo.


The pose and hairstyle do match with the character of Snowball, even though the colour isn't the same

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