Species Unicorn
Gender Male
Home Somnia
First appearance Filly Unicorn toy line
Title Re-release
Filly Unicorn toy line
Prinz Lang-DE

Prince Lang-FR

Prins Lang-NL

Príncípe Lang-ES

Príncípe Lang-PT

Ksiąźę Lang-PL

Other names Сквик Lang-RU
Spouse Ashia
Children Gaia

Squeak is a fisherman. He can usually be found at the magical lake, watching the stars' reflections twinkle in the water. He loves his two daughters - Gaia and Luna - and often calls them to fish together.

'Filly Unicorn' re-release

Squeak appears as a character of the renewal of 'Unicorn' toy line, along with both of his daughters. All of them are 'Garden' set's fillys too but the three aren't together and come in separate packs with one name.

He's an ordinary filly of the newest release which means his figurine is found in the foil bags as well.

Squeak is a standard, non-exclusive flocked toy.

Illustrations of the character are present in a new visual style. His design wasn't changed.

Residents of Somnia
Ashia, Gaia, Luna, Nox, Stella, Squeak
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