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A toy of Taylor, in roughly 5:4 size ratio.

The ordinary, "flocked" (fuzzy), Filly toys. These solid toys have no moveable parts although certain features (e.g. crowns, wings) may often be sculpted separately and then attached for the finished figure.

The main toy line is how most of the Filly characters are introduced, and at this time all Filly characters have their own flocked figure apart from some that are introduced in Filly Funtasia.

They differentiated between regular and "baby" Fillys, with the regular ones being a few centimeters tall, and the "baby" ones being only slightly bigger than a craps dice. Given that the "baby" figures tend to be smaller versions of the normal characters, it may be that "baby" is being used just to describe the smaller size rather than the age of the characters.

These figurines are very different from the other toys of the franchise, including the recently released chinese toys based on fillys of the show.