Star Boat
Region Skylia
Native Filly type Star
Residents Capri
Other names Alternative english name: Cloud Boat; Wolkenschiff, SternenbootLang-DE

Bateau étoiléLang-FR SterrenbootLang-NL Stjernebåd StjärnbåtLang-SE

StjernebåtLang-NO TähtilaivaLang-fin

Зоряний корабель Lang-UA

The Star Boat is home to the Filly Twilights.

With their ship the Filly Twilights tour the skies to Skylia. Whenever help is needed somewhere, they are right there. No wonder they have such exciting stories to tell! [1]

The Filly Twilights (from MyFilly site)

The Twilights are the messengers of Skylia. The Twilights live on the Star Boat and even though everyone adores them and loves when they are around, they are in general unpredictable and even Queen Casssiopeia [sic] has given up keeping track of their whereabouts. They are, however, always around when the queen needs to travel somewhere. They are happy, carefree and somehow clueless sometimes.


  1. From magazine. Original German text: "Mit ihrem Schiff bereisen die Filly Twilights den Himmel um Skylia. Wann immer irgendwo Hilfe gebraucht wird, sind sie zur Stelle. Kein Wunder, dass sie die spannendsten Geschichten zu erzählen haben."
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