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Tara (Sammelband 2010).png
First appearance Filly Forest toy line
Species Irish Hunter horse
Gender Female
Other names Sarah Lang-IT.png
(Baby release by S.I.P Toys & Gruppo Preziosi)
Home West Dublin

Tara is a female Irish Hunter horse, a cross between an Irish Drought and a throughbred.

In the first-release canon, she resides at an elite center west of Dublin, having a reputation as one of the best military horses in Ireland. She was training to compete in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the training to which involves special diets and the "most advanced" training schedules.

In the restructuring canon, her ancestors were Irish Hunters, and when she is walking in the forest, she always find a four-leaved clover, which brings her good luck.

The official site's descriptions of the character for English, German and Norwegian versions all call this filly 'Tara'.

In Filly Sammelband 2010...

'Always stay fit and healthy' - that's Tara's motto. 'Tara is an Irish Hunter, a cross between Thoroughbred and Irish Draught. She lives in West Dublin at a prestigious horse center. Here, all horses receive a very special diet and complete the most modern training methods every day.
Tara is one of the best military horses in Ireland and takes part in major tournaments'.

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