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Temptation is the title given to an unnamed song heard in Filly Funtasia by fans. It is heard in multiple episodes of the show.

Lyrics (English)

I was blind
To the situation
It was my
Sweet temptation
Just one look
My self control was over
One taste(?)
They were gone forever

Now, I hope they don't find me out
Running, scared, there isn't a doubt
One dark secret, deep in my mind
Evidence you'll never find

I'm guilty, and I can't hide it
I won't hide it no more
I'm guilty, and I fell under a spell
And I couldn't tell

If I could take it back I would
Maybe I misunderstood
But I could not resist (no no no)
The sweet temptation

I might have fibbed
The truth just a little(?)
I was pushed
Into the middle
Then it grew
Larger and larger
All the words
They went too far and

Now, I try(?) to blame someone else
Running, scared, this might not end well
One dark secret, deep in my mind

Sweet temptation