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The Crush will be an episode of Filly Funtasia.

One of the scenes, as suggested by the official pitch bible.


Lynn neglects a potion she should have poured away down the drain, but soon it gets splattered onto Cedric and soon he starts gaining uncontrollable affection, so the gang has to help him clean it off him before a mishap starts to happen.

The full, original description of the episode

At a potion class Lynn neglects a crush potion she could have poured away down the drain, and Cedric unknowingly gets splashed with it. Soon Cedric stars feeling an uncontrollable attraction for Rose, which makes him stammer at her sight. He sends her flowers, walks her home... and even sings her songs specially written for her. It all is highly embarrassing for Rose, who only wants to practice her speech for the Spring Party and is already nervous about having to speak in public.

This synopsis may be outdated as its text was taken from the pitch bible of the show.

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  • This episode was first given as the fourth episode of the series.