The Cupcake Mystery

The Cupcake Mystery
Season 1
Episode 1
Original airdate Lang-IT.png March 11, 2019
Written by Jymn Magon
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Next The Blue Rainbow
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The Cupcake Mystery is the first episode of Filly Funtasia.


Short synopsis

Bella and Rose learn that a little lie can get out of hoof.

The pitch bible's synopsis

It's true - gossip and hearsay spread like wildfire! When trying to explain what really happened to an entire plate of cupcakes Bella has just dropped, Rose concocts a fib about a mysterious creature. The little fib soon becomes rumor that spreads across the Academy. The rumor continues to grow with each telling until it becomes an alarming crazy funny tale about a giant monster that attacked Rose and Bella while chomping down all the snacks. Now the school is on high alert, traps have been set... how will Rose and Bella escape the truth before it is too late?

A part of this synopsis (or its full text) was seen on a previous version of the website (

One of the images appeared on the official site of 'Filly Funtasia' and in the pitch bible

The Ukrainian dub's synopsis

(translated to English)

Yesterday Will didn't pass his history exam and that's why today he wants to improve the situation. He decided to gift his teacher Twilight eight cupcakes because eight is a lucky number. However he completely forgot to decorate the cupcakes with a fancy bowtie. And Will decided to solve this problem quickly and to ask Bella to look after the cupcakes. But she didn't complete the task as she ate these herself. And although she felt herself guilty she couldn't find any courage to tell Will the truth. That's why Bella told the others the cupcakes disappeared!

In addition to the ukrainian synopsis, the site of PlusPlus has a russian language description for the episode. There's no difference between ukrainian and russian versions.

Synopsis from BIGI

Bella does not keep the cupcakes she promised Will to keep and Rose is covering it up for Bella.


Will has made some cupcakes for his teacher, Twilight, in the hope of getting a better grade. He briefly leaves them in the care of Bella, who eats some and drops the others.

Bella implores Rose for help and, while the pair are talking, Will comes back and asks where his cupcakes are. Rose covers for Bella by saying that they were stolen, but, when pressed for details, Bella makes up an increasingly monstrous thief, even after other Fillies come to see what's happening.

The idea of a cupcake-stealing giant quickly sweeps the school, sending students and staff alike into a state of panic, and even Battiwigs and Wranglum believe the rumour. Will is cross about his missing cupcakes and decides to make a trap for the monstrous thief. Rose repeatedly pressures Bella to fix it by telling the truth, but Bella struggles to do this, both because she finds it hard to admit and because she's enjoying the attention.

Rose and Bella walk in the forest and Bella falls into Will's trap and finally tells him the truth. Will releases Bella and forgives her, and the friends walk back to the school.


  • Bella made up a large imaginary monster to get herself out of trouble. Little does she or anyone else know...
  • The color script of this (and some of the others) episode was created by Dani Canovas, which wasn't stated officially since people who were a part of old production team weren't credited in the series.

Animation errors

  • Rose's necklace floats a bit in a few scenes.
  • Some characters are seen floating a short distance above the ground during the scene when Rose and Bella lie to Will about the cupcakes.


"Let's take this conversation outdoors."
  • This episode's title was first given as Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire (a play on the schoolyard taunt of "liar, liar, pants on fire").
  • Clips from this episode appear in random order for most of the October 2013 trailer.
  • In a few trailers, the scene where the lies begin takes place in the halls.
  • The show's website used the November 2013 trailer for this episode's thumbnail.


Country Channel Premiere date
Lang-IT.png Italy Frisbee March 11, 2019
Lang-UA.png Ukraine PlusPlus November 30, 2019
Lang-ZH.png China (Mandarin) iQiyi November 28, 2019
Hunan TV January 20, 2020
Lang-HU.png Hungary Minimax September 05, 2020; September 28, 2020; October 02, 2020; October 15, 2020; October 18, 2020; October 28, 2020; November 03, 2020; November 10, 2020; November 20, 2020; November 23, 2020
Language-ro.png Romania Minimax September 07, 2020; September 24, 2020; October 13, 2020; October 30, 2020; November 18, 2020
Lang-CZ.png Czech Republic Minimax September 16, 2020, October 05, 2020; October 22, 2020; November 02, 2020; November 06, 2020; November 11, 2020; November 15, 2020; November 24, 2020
Language-sr.png Serbia Minimax October 03, 2020; October 17, 2020; October 31, 2020; November 15, 2020
Lang-Slv.png Slovenia Minimax October 03, 2020; October 17, 2020; October 31, 2020; November 15, 2020
Lang-HE.png Israel Arutz HaYeladim (ערוץ הילדים) November 2020
Lang-VE.png Venezuela TLT La Tele Tuya February 15, 2021

Alternate titles

  •  Italian: Il Mistero dei Dolcetti;
  •  Ukrainian: Таємниця кексиків;
  •  Russian (as seen on PlusPlus' site): Тайна кексиков;
  • Chinese: 纸杯蛋糕之谜;
  • Serbian: Tajna kolačića;
  • Czech: Záhada kapkejku;
  • Hungarian: A muffin-rejtély;
  • Hebrew: תעלומת הקאפקייק;
  • Latin American Spanish: El misterio de los pastelillos
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