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The Freshmen
Season 1
Episode 14
Original airdate Lang-ZH.png December 25, 2020
Written by Unknown
Songs Together With You
I Can Do Anything
Original episode order
Previous Farina, the Fire Dragon
Next The Treasure Hunt
Alternative episode order
Next The Treasure Hunt
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The Freshmen is listed as the fourteenth episode of Filly Funtasia. While it matches the initial release order, more recent releases starting with Singapore in 2022 have it instead released as the first episode of the series.


Short synopsis

Rose, Will, Cedric, Bella and Lynn arrive to Funtasia to spend their first day full of fun and challenges while trying to find the way to The Academy.


Wranglum tells Battiwigs to spy on the freshmen arriving to the Academy. Meanwhile, Rose runs down a rainbow bridge, running late for her first day at the Royal Magic Academy. She trips and falls in front of Bella, who is waiting at the front gate. Cedric, Will, and Lynn arrive and join them. Miss Sparkle then greets the five new students through five crystal mirrors, each of which looking unique and are given to each filly individually.

As the gate opens, Sparkle warns them to stay on the path. While passing through, they introduce themselves: Rose, a unicorn from Crystalia; Cedric, who is one of Royalia's princes; Bella, an elf from Emocia; Will, a filly from Fairy Magical Land; and Lynn, a witchy from Zimsala. The five then decide to leave the path for a better view of Funtasia.

After being given his first task from Wranglum, Battiwigs reminisces of when he first found him. Wranglum, needing Rose, then reminds Battiwigs to spy on the five fillys.

The five new students are running across the field having a fun time, before Battiwigs appears and surprises Rose. While Bella is skeptical, the boys in the group decided Battiwigs should join them. They then look at a distant view of the Academy, before trying to return the way they came. However, they forgot which direction they came from and get lost in the woods. The trees around them suddenly start attacking, and they find a river with a boat. They enter the boat, riding it down the river to head for the Royal Magic Academy.

While riding the boat, the five reach an area filled with flowers. Cedric's flower allergies start taking effect, rocking the boat. After they finish passing through the flowers, Cedric begins listing his other allergies. Suddenly, the boat begins to rock again, but this time by jaw jaws, Wranglum's aquatic minions. Rose uses her crystal mirror to summon a rope and take them to shore on a nearby island. As she explores the area, Wranglum's minions take her friends away with their boat.

Rose finds the Crystal Cavern but finds the door locked. As she gives up and leaves, her necklace opens the door and provides access. She sees the dark crystal in front of her and walks toward it while Wranglum waits for her to pick it up. Unfortunately for Wranglum, she gets distracted by the rainbow crystal and takes that instead. He tries locking her inside the cavern, but she manages to escape with the crystal she collected.

Wranglum sends his jaw jaws to prevent Rose from leaving the island. Trapped on the island, Rose is then told by Sparkle to use the rainbow crystal to create a bridge to the Academy. As Rose crosses the rainbow, Battiwigs decides to do one final attempt at stopping Rose, but fails and lands in front of Rose's friends, who are waiting in front of the rainbow with the Academy teachers. They all then head straight for the Academy.

Interesting facts

  • While this is the fourteenth episode of the show in international order, it is obviously be the first episode chronologically in the show's canon...
    • ...and Venezuelan La Tele Tuya is the only channel to place this episode as 16th, instead of 14th;

from meWATCH's webpage

  • Another English version of the show has premiered in Singapore, with a description in both the tv schedule and the webpage of the show saying it's the first episode of Filly Funtasia, instead.
    • it is also the first episode to air in Germany [1];
  • Because the Chinese version only has thirteen episodes per season, this episode is given as the first episode of its second season.
    • This pattern didn't repeat for any other country until information on the German premiere surfaced;
  • Several scenes of this episode, like a few other episodes in the second half of Season 1, appear in both Chinese trailers that were released prior its premiere.
  • As is revealed, Battiwigs assisting Wranglum started by being tricked.
  • The beginning of this episode is not a precap, but can be misinterpreted as such because of a scene with similar lines later in the episode.
  • The gate is shown to be inside what can easily be described as an arch. This likely means Funtasia has an invisible magic shield surrounding it.
  • Conveniently, Rose and Wranglum both happen to come up with the same name for Battiwigs.

Version differences between languages

  • When Rose sings Together With You:
    • The Slovenian version of the scene, while uses the male lead for the English version the song, and has no dialogue or sound effects.
    • The Romanian version mostly uses audio from another episode for this scene.
    • The Czech and Latin American Spanish dubs doesn't have any singing for this song, leaving it as instrumental version.
    • The Chinese and Serbian dubs have sound effects, but dialogue from other characters is inaudible.
    • English version airing in Singapore has the song with female lead that was never revealed before.

Animation errors:

  • When Rose runs down the rainbow during the beginning of the episode, the gate's forcefield is misplaced.
  • In the following shot, the curvature of the rainbow Rose runs down is very different and the gate's forcefield is missing.
  • When Wranglum gives Battiwigs his first mission, the stalagmites in his prison aren't layered over his body.
  • Lynn's hair glitches during the moment before she begins to cast the spell to shatter the branches that were attacking the fillys.
  • In the distant shot as the five cross the lake with their boat, the skybox can be seen at the shoreline in the background.
  • When the boat reaches shore, it clips through the ground
  • As Rose first enters the crystal cavern, the Dark Crystal is missing from its pedestal.


Country Channel Premiere date
Lang-ZH.png China (Mandarin) IQIYI December 25, 2020
Lang-HU.png Hungary Minimax February 06, 2021
Lang-CZ.png Czech Republic Minimax February 11, 2021
Language-sr.png Serbia Minimax February 15, 2021
Lang-Slv.png Slovenia Minimax February 15, 2021
Language-ro.png Romania Minimax April 18, 2021
Lang-HE.png Israel BIGI (VOD service) 2021
Lang-UA.png Ukraine PlusPlus (website, tv channel) May 15, 2021
Lang-VE.png Venezuela TLT La Tele Tuya June 28, 2021
Lang-SG.png Singapore (in English) Channel 5 and meWATCH VOD March 03, 2022
Lang-DE.png Germany Junior June 06, 2022

Alternate titles

  • Hungarian: Az elsősök;
  • Hebrew: תלמידים חדשים;
  • Latin American Spanish: Los nuevos estudiantes (The new students);
  • German: Die Neulinge (part 1), Roses Abenteuer (part 2);