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The Freshmen
Season 1
Episode 14
Original airdate Lang-ZH.png December 25, 2020
Written by Unknown
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The Freshmen is the fourteenth episode of Filly Funtasia.


Short synopsis

Rose, Will, Cedric, Bella and Lynn arrive to Funtasia to spend their first day full of fun and challenges while trying to find the way to The Academy.


In the basement of a large structure, Wranglum wakes up a bat named Battiwigs through a mirror, hopeful that he would be successful in his first mission: To make friends with freshmen at an academy, and while doing so help him capture someone named Rose.

A young pink female filly unicorn arrives at a gateway while running down a rainbow, late for her first day. In her rush, she trips and falls onto the pavement in front of a white female filly elf. Across from them approach two males, a blue filly royale and a black filly fairy, saying that they are also freshmen. All four have no idea what to do next, while the elf says she expected a cool big welcoming committee. Then a purple female filly witchy drops in, messing up the elf's mane, and says that if she herself is not there it must not be cool. The elf is not happy with what she did, and the witchy laughs and says the messy mane suits her. The elf requests a mirror to see how she looks afterwards.

Five differently shaped mirrors appear floating above them, and the face of a white filly unicorn appears on all five of them. She welcomes the five of them to the Royal Magic Academy and introduces herself as the headmistress, named Sparkle. The pink unicorn asks what the mirrors are for, and Sparkle tells her they belong to the five of them. She also says that they have powerful magical abilities that can boost what their users can normally do. Sparkle tells the names of the five students: The unicorn's name is Rose, the elf's name is Isabella, Lynn is the witchy, Willow is the fairy, and Cedric is the royale. She tells them the gems in their tiaras power their mirrors, and that the mirrors can appear on command and can also be used for communication.

Will, hearing that the mirrors have magical abilities, decides to try them by requesting his to make him a chalice filled with ice cream. Unfortunately, the ice cream falls on top of the fairy, and the others laugh. Will complains, and Sparkle responds that he's using it wrong, as the mirrors are actually called "crystal mirrors", and users have to call it by that term. The headmistress tells them that they have come to the academy specifically to learn how to use these abilities. The gateway then opens, providing the five students access to the Academy. She, however, warns them not to stray from the path leading to it.

The five then introduce themselves: Rose is a unicorn from Crystalia, Cedric is a prince from Royalia who likes things nice and tidy and favors science and spaghetti, which Will responds by saying he himself is untidy. Bella describes herself as the "prettiest" elf from Emocia, which disgusts Lynn. Will doesn't say where he's from, but mentions how everyone knows how to fly at his homeplace and that they have to be careful where to go. Lynn proves he is not the only one who can fly and introduces herself as a witchy from Zimsala, and that she knows magic and that her emotions can affect the weather. Will doesn't believe her and she responds by casting a snowball toward him (during warm weather!).

Will decides to explore Funtasia rather than follow the path, to which Cedric objects to. Lynn decides ignore Cedric and join Will, saying that rules aren't always meant to be followed, and that if anyone wants to stay on the path she can meet them at the Academy. Rose decides they should join them, saying that in a place called Funtasia, what dangers could they possibly face?

Battiwigs, while happy about his first mission, remembers his first meeting with Wranglum. He thought the Academy's basement was the perfect place to sleep, but ends up stumbling into Wranglum's dark crystal mirror. Unaware of who this crystal mirror belonged to, he had fun and made faces at it before Wranglum appeared. He was unable to speak at the time, so when Wranglum first tried communicating with him he used a spell to give Battiwigs the ability to speak. Wranglum introduced himself as the wizard, and that he can do a lot. Battiwigs, with his ability to speak, then decided to try singing. Wranglum told him to stop, and said that they can both communicate to each other through the mirror, and that Wranglum himself is trapped in a crystal prison. He told Battiwigs the fillys who imprisoned him are evil and that he just wanted to rule over Funtasia, and told him he needs the dark crystal, from a crystal cavern. He requested Battiwigs' help, saying he can then later be Wranglum's right hand and will be rewarded greatly.

The flashback ends as the wizard tells Battiwigs to stop daydreaming, and that the fillys are nearing the Academy. He reiterates that Battiwigs must make friends with them and help him capture Rose. Meanwhile, the five students run together on the hills. As Rose stops to sniff some flowers, she gets startled by Battiwigs popping out in front of her. She wants to bring the bat with her to the Academy, while Bella states that bats are disgusting and evil. Rose disagrees and says he behaves innocent, and Will agrees. Bella continues saying that doesn't like Battiwigs, before the bat pokes her with a stick. She doesn't want Battiwigs near her, so he will instead stay by the others. Rose finds a scenic distant view of the Academy from where they stand. They then try to get back to where they came from, but are lost. Will then sees a path and says he found the way back, so then they go down it. Bella says she doesn't remember seeing any trees on the way there, so Lynn says that it may be a shortcut. Little do they know they are going into the Enchanted Forest, one of the most dangerous places in Funtasia. Wranglum tells Battiwigs that because they are heading into the forest, Rose will be his and the other students will meet their demise.

The five continue into the forest, until they get attacked by the trees and have no way out. Rose tries to use her crystal mirror to shrink the branches, but accidentally shrinks her friends instead. She immediately undoes the spell, and Lynn tries by using her crystal mirror to break the branches, causing pieces of the branches to go flying around them. By destroying the branches, it cleared the way for them to escape by climbing into a boat. Battiwigs gets a scolding from Wranglum as the fillys escaped from the death trap, while at the same time has to avoid all the branches attacking him. One of the branches hits him, slapping him and Wranglum's mirror a large distance away.

At the boat, Will realizes they lost their bat, who then lands into the boat while Wranglum falls into the river. Rose names him Battiwigs, while Battiwigs takes Wranglum's mirror and tucks it out of sight into the rope on exterior of the boat. The five pass through flowers. While the other four are enjoying the sight, Cedric tells them he is allergic to flowers and sneezes, rocking the boat until they reached the end of the flowers. Wranglum plans on sending his rumble fish to separate Rose from her friends, but tells Batti to stay with them.

As they go out into the open water, Rose asks Cedric how he's feeling, as there are no more flowers. Cedric reveals that not only is he allergic to flowers, but also allergic to much more. Will responds he's not a friend, but a medical emergency. As Cedric finishes sneezing, Wranglum's fish rock the boat, causing Lynn to be feeling unwell. Rose tries to use her crystal mirror to create a lasso to reel the boat in to shore, but it wraps around her, so she specifies where to wrap it around (a tree). Battiwigs shows Wranglum where they landed, and the wizard responds by saying that Rose is now on the island with the cave containing the dark crystal. Wranglum tells his fish to get rid of Rose's friends by taking their boat away from shore. Cedric tells Will to anchor the boat, and Will complies by throwing the anchor, but without the rope attached to the boat. Rose is sure the other four would come back soon.

Walking around, she immediately finds the doorway to the crystal cavern. She walks toward the cavern, unaware that Batti and Wranglum are watching overhead. Wranglum calls his fish away from the boat, and the boat lands onto land opposite the island. Rose tries to enter the cavern, but couldn't so she begins to turn back, shortly before the gemstone on her necklace opens it for her. Rose then enters the cave and finds many colorful crystals, and wonders if they also have magical properties. She first sees what she doesn't know is the dark crystal and begins walking toward it, but before she reaches it she finds a more beautiful rainbow colored crystal sitting next to it and walks toward that one, much to Wranglum's chagrin. Rose takes the rainbow crystal and begins leaving as the cave begins shaking and the door begins to shut.

Sparkle sees the students and begins introducing them to the teachers, one of which a fairy who introduces herself as Twilight. The unicorn then asks where Rose is, and Lynn responds saying she is stuck on the island. Sparkle begins worrying and says Rose may be in danger. Meanwhile, Rose narrowly escapes the cave with the rainbow gemstone as the door shuts behind her. Meanwhile, Wranglum calms himself down as he thinks there are other ways. He knows that Rose is more powerful than she thinks, and that with her power he can take over Funtasia. He tells his fish to prevent Rose from escaping the island.

When Rose returns to the beach, she finds fish attacking her. Not knowing what to do, she loses hope of returning to mainland before Sparkle communicates through her crystal mirror. Sparkle tells her that everyone else is fine and asks where she found the rainbow crystal. Rose explains she found the crystal in a cavern filled with crystals. Sparkle tells Rose that she must have sensed the crystal that could help her most and is lucky she didn't bring the dark crystal. Wranglum tells Battiwigs to take the crystal, but when Rose activates it it sends sparks that knocked the bat a distance away. Sparkle then tells Rose that with her crystal mirror, she can use the crystal. Rose then uses the crystal to build a rainbow bridge between the island and the Academy and walks across it. When Battiwigs tries to knock Rose off the bridge, it backfires by an unaware Rose hitting him and Wranglum's mirror falls into the lake while Battiwigs lands in front of the other fillys. Sparkle welcomes Rose to the Academy and mentions that there is a celebration with cake that would introduce them to everyone else. The six of them run to the Academy. Meanwhile, Battiwigs is flying over the lake, searching for Wranglum's mirror, which is underwater being held by a fish.

Interesting facts

  • While this is the fourteenth episode of the show in international order, it is obviously be the first episode chronologically in the show's canon...
    • ...and Venezuelan La Tele Tuya is the only channel to place this episode as 16th, instead of 14th;
  • Because the Chinese version only has thirteen episodes per season, this episode is given as the first episode of the second season for the Chinese version.
  • Several scenes of this episode, like a few other episodes in the second half of Season 1, appear in both Chinese trailers that were released prior its premiere.
  • As is revealed, Battiwigs assisting Wranglum started by being tricked.
  • The beginning of this episode is not a precap, but can be misinterpreted as such because of a scene with similar lines later in the episode.
  • The gate is shown to be inside what can easily be described as an arch. This likely means Funtasia has an invisible magic shield surrounding it.
  • Conveniently, Rose and Wranglum both happen to come up with the same name for Battiwigs.

Version differences between languages

  • When Rose "sings" Together With You:
    • The Slovenian version of the scene, while using the English version of the song, has no dialogue or sound effects.
    • The Romanian version mostly uses audio from another episode for this scene.
    • The Czech and Latin American Spanish dubs doesn't have any singing for this song, leaving it as instrumental version.
    • The Chinese and Serbian dubs have sound effects, but dialogue from other characters is inaudible.

Animation errors:

  • When Rose runs down the rainbow during the beginning of the episode, the gate's forcefield is misplaced.
  • In the following shot, the curvature of the rainbow Rose runs down is very different and the gate's forcefield is missing.
  • When Wranglum gives Battiwigs his first mission, the stalagmites in his prison aren't layered over his body.
  • Lynn's hair glitches during the moment before she begins to cast the spell to shatter the branches that were attacking the fillys.
  • In the distant shot as the five cross the lake with their boat, the skybox can be seen at the shoreline in the background.
  • When the boat reaches shore, it clips through the ground
  • As Rose first enters the crystal cavern, the Dark Crystal is missing from its pedestal.


Country Channel Premiere date
Lang-ZH.png China (Mandarin) IQIYI December 25, 2020
Lang-HU.png Hungary Minimax February 06, 2021
Lang-CZ.png Czech Republic Minimax February 11, 2021
Language-sr.png Serbia Minimax February 15, 2021
Lang-Slv.png Slovenia Minimax February 15, 2021
Language-ro.png Romania Minimax April 18, 2021
Lang-HE.png Israel BIGI (VOD service) 2021
Lang-UA.png Ukraine PlusPlus (website, tv channel) May 15, 2021
Lang-VE.png Venezuela TLT La Tele Tuya June 28, 2021

Alternate titles

  • Hungarian: Az elsősök;
  • Hebrew: תלמידים חדשים;
  • Latin American Spanish: Los nuevos estudiantes (The new students);