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The Hoopenhoof Game
Season 1
Episode 19
Original airdate Unknown
Written by Unknown
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The Hoopenhoof Game is the nineteenth episode of Filly Funtasia in the international episode order.


Headmistress Sparkle is deciding on who to give a trophy to the winners of the Hoopenhoof cup. It would be handed over in a stadium from a hot air balloon. Unlike most other trophies however, this trophy contains a power crystal embedded inside. Lynn is chosen, and in her excitement immediately chooses Rose and Cedric to be her two assistants. But before doing so, they have to practice flying the balloon by flying over "The Sight". None of them however are aware that Battiwigs and Wranglum are watching, planning on taking the trophy's crystal.

While in preparations for the finals between the Tulips and the Bluebells, Jerrik reveals that the goalkeeper of his team is absent as he has eaten too many cupcakes and because of this is stuck in the bathroom. Because the match is starting soon, Coach decides on finding a replacement. This replacement happens to be Will. Jerrik is worried about having a freshman on his team, but Coach says Will would be the best replacement as there isn't any other goalkeeper available.

Sparkle finishes leading Lynn to the balloon, which is deflated. She tells Lynn to use magic to inflate it, but Lynn was too distracted during Florian's class, fantasizing on being together with Cedric, to learn how to use the spell. Because of this, she has difficulties with the balloon. It inflates, but then turns it into an assortment of shapes. Sparkle is disappointed by this, and believes the three aren't good enough for the task.

While in preparations for the match, Jerrik tries teaching Will how to play Hoopenhoof. Will claims he already knows how to play it, as he already played mascot for months. He fails, with the ball hitting him flat on his face. Jerrik continues worrying about losing, and Will tells him it's not about winning or losing, but about friendship and having fun.

Lynn continues begging to Sparkle to give her another chance, but she refuses as it's already decided. Cedric steps in, saying Lynn may know the spell, and that she is just nervous about the ceremony. Rose and Cedric both inflate the balloon. Sparkle gives guidance to Lynn, telling her to fly the balloon to the hill and then turn toward the stadium and land in it. Meanwhile, in the Academy basement, Battiwigs prepares the magic crystals for Wranglum, who is planning on using them to make a tornado that sucks in the balloon to get rid of the three and send the trophy to him.

Will is feeling nervous about being in the upcoming match. Zack tells Jerrik to not be so hard on him, but Jerrik explains to him that Will is not good at the game. The game begins. When Jerrik tells Will to block the ball, he misses and the ball passes under him into the goal. The Bluebell team gets the first point of the match, and Jerrik is unhappy.

Lynn and her two assistants begin flying the balloon, and she tries continuing her fantasy of being with Cedric. But as she starts getting close to him, all three get distracted by a tornado appearing, formed by Wranglum and his magic crystals. They try to avoid the tornado, but it is too late and they start feeling hopeless. The three then confess their thoughts to one another. Lynn mentions full name and says that she can't stand it, Rose talks about how she got her hoof size wrong, and Cedric starts talking about his love interest. Cedric then remembers Lynn is a master of wind magic, so he asks her if she knows a spell to save them from the tornado. She tells them there is a spell that can get rid of the effects of the tornado, but it needs a crystal. They then remind her that there is a crystal in the trophy. The three then use their mirrors and the trophy to cast the spell, getting rid of the tornado. Wranglum doesn't worry, because he has a backup plan involving his grounders. Lynn thinks that Cedric was talking about her when he mentioned having a love interest. Rose calls her out on ignoring the fact they almost died, and Lynn mentions that all that's important is that they made it out alive. Suddenly, grounders begin to board the balloon.

The Bluebells have gotten the second point of the match, and the Tulips still have none. Jerrik plans the "boomerang strategy". Will hesitates out of confusion, and when he finally kicks the ball he manages to cause it to turn around, returning it to his own team's goal. The Bluebell team is given the third point. Jerrik is annoyed at Will.

Lynn doesn't know what to do with the grounders, but Rose suggests to just attack them so they would fall off. They then begin using what they have to get them off the balloon. They got rid of all the grounders, but in the process damaged the trophy. They think Sparkle will understand.

Jerrik almost gets the ball into the opposing team's goal, but Loki steals it and uses a maneuver involving kicking it underground and having it surface near another filly in the Bluebell team, allowing the ball to be kicked into the goal. The Bluebell team gets the fourth point. Will says he's trying his best, but is better at dancing because he's the team's mascot. This gives Jerrik an idea, and he plans on switching positions with Will, telling Will to think of being the mascot again. As the game continues, the Tulips team finally gets their first point, then their second.

Lynn, Rose, and Cedric make it near the stadium, on time. But then more grounders appear, and caused the balloon to briefly go out of control. The three nearly fall off, and hang onto the rope. As they scream, their balloon passes by an unaware Sparkle, who is cleaning statues outside her office. The balloon is already out of sight by the time she looks, so she thinks it is nothing.

Jerrik mentions there's only a minute left, and they still have a chance. But suddenly, everyone hears screams and they see the balloon above their stadium, with Lynn, Rose, and Cedric hanging onto the rope. Will notices they are in danger, and tells everyone to help. Jerrik disagrees, saying they still need to compete in the match, and he wants to win. Zack calls him out, saying it is not about winning or losing, but about friendship. Jerrik then stops and helps the others land the balloon safely. Lynn, Rose, and Cedric feel grateful towards them, but then a grounder appears. Will knocks it out using the ball. Sparkle then walks in.

Sparkle tells everyone that they learned an important lesson, to help those who are in need, and that the fairly played match would be a role model for the match the following year. She is glad that Lynn and her two assistants are safe, and tells Lynn to hand the trophy. Lynn complies, but when the battered trophy appears Sparkle becomes shocked. The trophy falls apart when handed over to the players. The three are relieved that Sparkle isn't punishing them, everyone laughs. Wranglum, angry at his failure, triggers the crystals that formed the tornado and a small tornado appears around him in his prison and his mirror.

Interesting facts

  • This episode establishes that Zack is in the Bluebell group of students.
  • Loki appears as part of the Bluebell group this episode.
  • Lynn is in love with Cedric, completely unaware that Cedric is in love with Rose. Things may become awkward if he truly reveals it to everyone.

Animation errors

  • Zack is shown wearing the Tulip team armband in one shot when talking to Jerrik before the match starts.

Version differences between languages

  • This episode aired in a different order for the Chinese version, being the seventh episode of its second season, with the previous being Funtasia Festival and the next being A Visit from Fairy Land;
    • La Tele Tuya (TLT), Venezuelan tv channel that received Latin American Spanish dub, first aired this episode right after Farina, the Fire Dragon, despite it being 19th episode in the show's international release (as evident by order given by Minimax, BIGI and PlusPlus);


Country Channel Premiere date
Lang-ZH.png China (Mandarin) IQIYI December 25, 2020
Lang-HU.png Hungary Minimax February 20, 2021
Lang-CZ.png Czech Republic Minimax February 18, 2021
Language-sr.png Serbia Minimax February 20, 2021
Lang-Slv.png Slovenia Minimax February 20, 2021
Language-ro.png Romania Minimax May 9, 2021
Lang-HE.png Israel BIGI (VOD service) 2021
Lang-UA.png Ukraine PlusPlus (website, tv channel) May 20, 2021
Lang-VE.png Venezuela TLT La Tele Tuya