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Voiced by •Ali Rondón Lang-VE.png
First appearance Filly Fairy toy line
Species Fairy
Gender Male
Other names Тори Lang-RU.png
Home Pink Castle
Spouse Melian
Children Puk
Sibling/s Fawn
Other relatives Will (nephew)
Faye (niece)
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Thori is Will's uncle.

In Filly Fairy

This text was taken from Filly Sammelband and translated from German automatically


  • Eye color: green
  • Coat color: light blue with dark blue spots
  • Occupation: Farrier
  • Place of residence: Pink Castle
  • Special trait: Very special horseshoes are created on his magical anvil.
  • Favourite motto: I have to leave the iron in the fire for a long time, then it will fit particularly well on the hooves
  • Family and friends: His wife is the cook Melian, his daughters are hairdresser Zoeda and maid Puk. His brother is guard Fawn.
  • His magical anvil: Unicorn Magic enchanted the anvil, and it was magical from then on. Now Thori's horseshoes can even heal wounds.

In Filly Funtasia

In the episode The Magic Maze, Thori appears at the start.

For some time, even though it was clear the characters are similar, fans of the show weren't sure if it was this filly or not. The reasons being his model having different markings and a shorter mane style he received. It's standing in one line with Cedric's changes.

Thori in The Magic Maze

Thori was also not credited in any articles about premieres of Filly Funtasia or the show itself, and only Latin American Spanish dub revealed the name.

Prototype name

According to Filly Fairy collection guide from the official site, Thori's previous name was Thor, it could've been reference to hammer-wielding god of the same name in mythology.

Filly Fairy early collection guide.png

Residents of Pink Castle
Melian, Thori, Zoeda