• Hello, I've read about your huge contribution for this wikia and I'm simply amazed! Thanks for making that page a place with lots of information :)

    I just want to ask for something... in this article: there's a box with this Filly's names in other languages... There's given a Polish name, too. I'm form Poland (that's why my English is so horrible, sorry) and I think this name is a mistake because in Polish there's no word 'prinzesa', for word 'princess' we use word 'księżniczka'. Could you check if it's a mistake with the name or with the added flag? I'm not keen on wikias... If I wrote something wrong or it isn't a good place for this message, I'm very sorry. 

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    • Me and the two other big contributors to this Wiki are trying their best to make this a great place for Filly info. Upon double-checking a bit, I may have been massively mistaken on the language used in a source pic at, thinking it was Polish, but it now appears to be Czech instead.

      Honestly, as we have zero Polish-speakers in the English-language Filly Funtasia fandom, you were actually of good assistance here by pointing out the error. And I will thank you for it.

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