• Hello, I don't know if that is okay but since you're the admin here I have one question, a request if I may.

    As there's a page for 'Filly Ballerina' toy line but no category for images related to its characters. Will it be alright to ask those who have rights to create a category for them? I don't have the rights on wiki hence the question.

    Sorry in advance and thank you for everything you have done. It's a very good place.

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    • Hello!

      The toy lines such as Neon/Gold/Pink and Ballerina use characters from existing main toy lines, and as such we've tended not to treat them as their own thing. This said, I would have nothing against a gallery or image category being created for the Ballerina set and suspect this would be helpful for Filly toy collectors, so a 'Ballerina images' category now exists!

      Thank you for taking the time to ask!

      (For the record, admin controls are only tight on the wiki because there were lots of spam edits by bots when they weren't. I do value the help of others in making this wiki its best!)

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    • Also, I've just noticed how many images you've added: that's impressive, thank you!

      If you could try to put the source (e.g. "Filly Magazine") in the desc, that would be helpful.

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    • Thank you very, very much.

      Yes, I will do everything that I heard of in an advice. I did something like this, for example for 'Witchy' images (citing a book's title) though it was hard to figure it on my own, so if you or any other fan here or there won't mind, I think it would be better to ask you in the future but only on serious matters because you may be busy.

      Though to be honest, when I'm trying to add the category on Ballerinas' images, it doesn't see this category which is strange. Must be an error.

      P.S I don't see a category for 'Farina, the fire dragon' images so if I may, I want to request creating this category, please, because it's one of the episodes. And I have the screenshots of better quality of episodes but replacing already existing ones would make the ones I took of large size, more than two mbs, since yours are in 'png', I thought of uploading jpegs titled the same but with number '2' added as a way of replacing screenshots of italian version, is it alright to do so? It's a serious case since there are a lot of screencaps of the first version with lower resolution.

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    • Hello!

      Categories on the site can be a bit weird, but I've changed the settings so that non-admins should now be able to make categories/etc (so long as they're logged in). Let me know if that works!

      And better-quality/more up-to-date images are definitely welcome, though jpg files lean towards being a smaller file size than png files on account of how they store the data (png format keeps everything, jpg estimates some parts), so I'm a bit confused that your jpg file sizes are quite. Is it that the images are huge or that the jpg is saving at 97% quality or higher?

      Still, I guess you could try uploading one and see if there's any problem with it loading/etc when in use. If not, then it's probably fine.

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    • Oh, sorry for the confusion.

      I meant that files I use are jpegs and you're right, they are all of light size.

      I asked you about the option of leaving conversion of jpegs into pngs because pngs are huge. Conversion is the only way to replace the already existing images (of italian version). So I said, maybe it would be good to replace the screenshots the other way, and to have jpegs instead of pngs?

      Thank you very much for the answer and time; I'll try adding the category now too.

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    • Oh, I see what you mean now. Yes, changing the pngs for better-quality jpgs is absolutely worth it! Can't remember why I picked png at first, but replacing them with better-quality images was always meant to be the plan.

      If you want to upload replacement jpg images with the same file name (but jpg instead of png) and start phasing them into the pages/galleries, then I can just delete the old png images later. (And you can choose different pics for the episode infoboxes, too, if you like: the main thing is that they show a memorable scene from the episode.)

      Thanks again for doing so much wiki upkeep!

      Also, I don't recognise the merchendise-promotion images you've been posting. Exciting to see that show-merch exists outside of the regular toy lines!

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    • That's amazing, thank you very much.

      Oh, those toys are official as the off. chinese page for 'FF' confirmed it (on Weibo) and although they use the concept art images for the show (that unknown witchy filly appears in the images for the house's set), they are very ordinary toys based on the other chinese ones and aren't unique as 'Filly'. You can find them while typing the chinese name of the show (the short one). They feature new renders for characters too.

      I also made a major mistake of uploading a photo of one chinese summit (related to the future plans on 'FF'), if it probably shouldn't be here, then I'm terribly sorry and requesting to delete it, if I will get banned, I'll understand it. Wanted to help but did it clumsily and it led to this. I can't delete anything sadly.

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