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Many re-releases or unusual releases of established Filly brands have occurred over the years.

Silver Edition

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Two different types of Filly merch have described the characters as Neon:

The first type was eight new characters called Neon-Fillys that formed part of the Filly Special Beach Party 2010. They were strongly based off of the character Filly, and had the same brown coat colors and flower positions. They differed from her and from each other in hair colors, and their poses. They are known as Cute, Fun, Happy, Kick, Play, Smile, Stand, and Walk, though it's a bit ambiguous as since technically speaking, their bio name slots are filled out with Special. Their names on the Wiki is therefore the changing word in the bios' below term "Neon --- Filly".

The second type was Neon-Fairys[1], of which six were released in a thematic magazine issue. Twilight, Melian and Caspian were among these six.

Gold-colored editions

A number of Filly brands have seen special all-gold editions with some of the characters. Filly Fairy once had a gold release consisting of Magic, Miss Magic, Miracle and Schulfee.

Filly Special Edition

These sets were made out of 6 Fillys that had been well-established characters in other Filly brands by that point.

Special Edition 1 had Claudia, Princess Jade, Oryx, Rose, Thori, and Twilight. They were given brand new bios, although mostly about the items that they are holding, as well as a time of the year (such as October, Valentines Day or the summer vacation) related to the item.

Special Edition 2 had Bella, Echo, Iris, Romeo, Skip, and Theada. They carry items that are more or less related to the character, such as Romeo holding a poem, or Bella holding a bird.

Filly Mermaids Pink Edition (returning characters)

The eleven Mermaid Fillies from the main line returned for the Pink Edition. The only real difference in their toys, is that the main line's run-of-the-mill golden crowns with gems, have been replaced with pink-purple crowns with a white pearl.

Filly Ballerina

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