The Star Boat flying around inside a Filly magazine.

Transport in the Filly World is very rudimentary and takes place chiefly by air and sea, due to a very small road and train network, with the designated road network totalling less than 5 kilometers.

Air transport is the most prominent travelling method, especially for prominent regular visitors to Filly lands. Princess Scarlet owns the Butterfly Ship with which she visits Papillia once a month, and the Twilight household of Skylia often travels with the Star Boat around in the Filly World as well as takes care of it when Queen Cassiopeia needs to be transported somewhere. Such flying ships can dock in entrance ports placed on top of lakes, such as the Water Palace and the Star Palace. Crystalia also offers balloon services, which are allowed to dock at the Star Palace as well. Skilled magicians in Zimsala often use brooms to travel around internally in Zimsala.

Sea transport can take place in the form of sail ships. The Boat is used by Magic to visit the Magical Land once a year. Duke Linard of the Filly Kingdom is also known to travel across the sea to Britain, but his transport method is not explicitly known. Emocia residents are often seen floating on waterlilies down Emocia's rivers.

Road transport is rare and generally used for transport by hoof. Funtasia offers the Funtasia road system with long straight brick roads. Zimsala has a small road system near the Bewitched Magic House, which is somewhat unreliable as Cadabra often likes to make all of Zimsala's roads instantly slippery.

Bridges are very rare and usually handled with rainbows. The Rainbow Bridge connect Skylia's Starlight region and Moonlight region, and Crystalia's rainbow system connects Iridia with the other five summertime islands during most of the day.

Railway transport is in its measle beginnings, and only one route, the Zimsala-Romancia Magical Happiness railway route is known to operate, and only one running of the route can be documented.

Personal air transport can be done by Angel Fillies and Witchy Fillies. Angel Fillies fly down from their secret habitats, while Witchy Fillies with magic can fly solely by themselves.

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