Twilight in Filly Funtasia
Voiced by Unknown
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Home Yellow Castle
First appearance Filly Fairy toy line
Other names Твайлайт Lang-RU Lang-UA
Spouse Caspian
Children Bree
Other relatives Alerta (sister-in-law)
Elvin (brother-in-law)
Oberon (father-in-law)
Theada (sister-in-law)
Titania (mother-in-law)
Image gallery

Living in the Magical Land, Twilight is synonymous among her peers as galloping at full speed back and forth through the valley between her home place and the rest of the area, to hear about what has happened in the world outside and then to get back home to tell everyone else about what she has heard. The word of mouth is apparently still the reigning news source there.

In Filly Funtasia

Twilight is the history teacher of the Royal Magic Academy.

Residents of Yellow Castle
Divitio, Luthia, Miracle (fairy), Pando, Twilight
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