Twizzle 1
Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Festivia
First appearance Filly Ice Unicorn toy line
Other names Твизл Lang-RU
Parent/s Agnix
Sibling/s Samba

Twizzle is an ice unicorn filly who is in it, with it being Glacia, for the sake of skating stunts. She loves her life so much that she becomes happier and more festive, which in turn gives her even more reasons to love her life.

Sammelband translation

Incomplete and unchecked translation

Twizzle Guardian of celebrations


  • Name: Twizzle
  • Eye color: Green
  • Coat color: White
  • Profession: Guardian of celebrations
  • Island: Glacia
  • Favourite motto: "I celebrate every single day, because such a beautiful life is great to live."
  • Particular trail: a crown

Twizzle is like this: Twizzle loves it, being in amazing and colorful costumes performing exciting stunts on the ice. Every day is like a party when one has befriended her.

References and links

  1. The currently untranslated Familie und Freunde section of her Sammelband page lists Twizzle as being in a family with all four of the regular Festivia family members.
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