Unicorn Fillies

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The Unicorn Fillies, oftentimes shortened as Unicorn, are one of the races that inhabit the Filly World. A large majority live on the seven islands of Crystalia, but a select few does not have a specified homeplace.

Racial traits

The main trait of the unicorn fillies are, logically enough, their long spiral-shaped unicorn horns on their foreheads. The unicorn horns are known to provide magic to an extent, but in contrast to several types of horse fiction over the years, Filly magic is not limited to unicorns or their horns. Both the horns and their Filly crown gems, are corresponding to the color of the gem that their family house is standing on, as well as to the color of their family emblem. There has also been reports that the gem also designates which of the six colors of the rainbow bridges that the Filly can stay standing on, instead of falling straight through.

They always use golden crowns, unless it's time to go silver, in which case their crowns are silver, or if it's a big wedding, in which case they'll be crownless. In the crowns of most Unicorn Fillies, are one colored gem. Princess Sparkle has a crown with five gems in multiple colors, one for each of the other islands connected to Iridia[1], as Iridia is the anchorpoint of one end of all five bridges.

Additionally, there's a higher than usual percentage of the Unicorn Fillies who decorate their manes with small flowers, especially among the residents of Glacia.

List of Unicorn Fillies

For a list, see Category:List of Unicorn Fillies.

In Filly Funtasia

Unicorn fillies are featured pretty prominently in Filly Funtasia, with Rose being the main character and Princess Sparkle being the head principal of the Royal Magic Academy, the show's main setting. Several classmates and other Fillys at the Academy are shown to be unicorns or very unicorn-like.

Other unicorn characters

Magic (character) boasts of being a true unicorn, as despite being a Fairy Filly with wings and everything, he does have a horn on his forehead, decorated with roses, and is rumored to possess very powerful magic. Him and Miss Magic does differ on that their horns have the same color as their fur.

Mani is a pegacornius, resulting from his mom being a unicorn, but his dad being a pegasus. How his mom is connected to the Unicorn Fillies or their main locations is not known[2].


  1. This also indicates that Glacia is not connected to Iridia, or possibly not even the bridge network.
  2. And probably never will be known, as he hasn't been seen in any merch since roughly around 2010.
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