The United Kingdom, consisting of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) and Northern Ireland, is a country known by the Fillys for its great and often green nature filled with flora and scenery. It is across the sea from the Filly Kingdom and reachable from the Filly Forest.

Fillys with connections to Britain

Duchess Romantica grew up in the "lush and green areas" of Britain. When Duke Linard was on one of his multiple travels to Britain, the two of them met each other, fell in love, and quickly moved to the Filly Kingdom's Castle of Taliesin, and he still loves all of Great Britain as a result. Romantica still visits her parents in Britain once a year.

Bonnie is a Clydesdale Filly from Scotland, with ambitions of returning home to build a farm in the green highlands.

Tipsy lives in northern Yorkshire and loves to go on long hikes in its mountains.

Samson is a Shire horse from England.

Sunny is working at a farm in Dartmoor in England.

Cheerful lives deep in the forests of Sherwood, in Nottinghamshire, in England. Who knew that the Sherwood Forest was playing host to pegasuses?

Skylia is described as once having been "one united kingdom" before the Moonlight region was mysteriously split off from the main island. There is however very little that points at this place being connected to those of the other Fillys on this page.

Real-life Filly connections

MyFilly have a British English version of the home page, listed by the Lang-UK English red-cross-on-white flag rather than the Union Jack. After the American version of MyFilly delisted its pages on Fairy, Princess and Wedding, the British and Australian versions are now the main place to get to the English versions of the Princess and Fairy pages.

Coincidentally, reports from English witnesses say that the only toy brands they've (though it was only one person) encountered was the Princess and Fairy lines, "and then nothing".

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