Species Fairy
Gender Male
Home Pink Bellflower
First appearance Filly Fairy toy line (toys)
The Cupcake Mystery (series)
Parent/s Fawn
Sibling/s Faye
Other relatives Melian (aunt)
Puk (cousin)
Thori (uncle)
Zoeda (cousin)
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Will, known as Willow in Filly merchandise[1], is a playful and athletic young Fairy Filly.

In Filly FuntasiaEdit

Will is one of the main cast of the series. He shares his dorm with Cedric and their dorm pet is Battiwigs the bat.

Toy canonEdit

In the toys, he is very acrobatic and can stand on one hoof. His relationship with his father, Fawn, is a bit strained as Fawn hides his appreciation of his son.

From his Filly Fairy card:

Willow can often be seen balancing on branches, hanging head down from a tree or making other daring art pieces. His father Fawn knows that one day Willow will be a famous acrobat.[2]

References and linksEdit

  1. It has been stated by a BRB Internacional representant that his full name in Filly Funtasia is also Willow, but that he is ashamed of his full name.
  2. Translated from German: "Willow kann man sehr oft dabei beobachten, wie er auf Ästen balanciert, Kopf über von einem Baum herab hängt oder andere wagemutige Kunstücke macht. Sein vater Fawn weiß genau, das Willow eines Tages ein berühmter Akrobat sein wird."
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