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Will in Filly Funtasia
Will in Filly Funtasia
Voiced by Czető Roland Lang-HU.png
•דור סרוגו Lang-HE.png
•Douglas Marquina (1-13) Lang-VE.png
•Juan Carlos Figueroa (16, 19) Lang-VE.png
First appearance Toy lines
Filly Fairy toy line

Filly Funtasia
The Cupcake Mystery

Species Fairy
Gender Male
Other names •Willow (full name)
•Виллоу (package and flyer text for 'Filly Fairy') Lang-RU.png
•Уиллоу (coloring and activity book) Lang-RU.png
•Уілл Lang-UA.png (Filly Funtasia)
•维力 Lang-ZH.png
•ויל Lang-HE.png
•Vil Language-sr.png
•วิลลิ Lang-TH.png
Home Pink Bellflower
Sibling/s Faye
Parent/s Fawn
Great Grandparents Aspen (Filly Funtasia)
Cousins Puk
Other relatives Melian (aunt)
Thori (uncle)
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Will, also known as Willow, is a playful and athletic young Fairy Filly.

In Filly Funtasia

Will is one of the main cast of the series. He shares his dorm with Cedric and their dorm pet is Battiwigs the bat. He is ashamed of his full name.

A description taken from the pitch bible:

Willow 'Will' is a super cool, wild and daring Fairy Filly and a total Trickster like Lynn, so the two are best buds.

Will's got a natural talent for magic and totally enjoys using his powers every chance he gets - especially for laughs.

Will can't resist pulling pranks, like using a spell to send a bunch of slimy toads hopping and croaking all around the girls' dorm. This could explain why the Prince isn't all that popular with the young ladies; except for Lynn, who is always ready to help pull off pranks.

Likes: Any kind of pie, flying super high, practical jokes, playing and winning at any and all sports.

Dislikes: Turnips, homework, being called Willow and/or being called-on for an answer in class.

Favorite saying: Ah c'mon, it was funny, admit it.

Special Magical Power: Extra incredible physical strength when needed most.

From the pages of specials' descriptions:

Willow - or Will, if you ask him - is a super cool, wild and daring Filly and a total Trickster like Lynn, so the two are best buds. He can't resist pulling pranks, like using a spell to send a bunch of slimy toads hopping and croaking all around the class. And he's a sports addict... though he seems to slide more on the floor than on his skate. Anyway, who can resist that cunning look?

Other official descriptions

TrueVisions (Thailand)

Will likes to prank his friends but he is very brave. [1] [2].

Toy canon

"Willow is always seen balancing on a log of wood, hanging from a tree or doing other daring stunts. His father Fawn states that he is hopeless but secretly he knows that his son will be a great acrobat one day."

In the toys, he is very acrobatic and can stand on one hoof. His relationship with his father, Fawn, is a bit strained as Fawn hides his appreciation of his son.

From his Filly Fairy card:

Willow can often be seen balancing on branches, hanging head down from a tree or making other daring art pieces. His father Fawn knows that one day Willow will be a famous acrobat.[3]

From Filly Sammelband: Willow

  • Eye colour: Green
  • Coat colour: Black and white with spots
  • Occupation: Acrobat
  • Place of residence: Rosa Glocken-blumenwiese
  • Special trait: He walks on only one leg
  • Favourite motto: A trick should bring you joy, then I want to succeed well
  • His wobbly tower: Willow balances on everything you can stack. His most dangerous number was a balancing act on Melian's stacked cooking pots.
  • He likes that: he prefers to surprise his sister Faye with tricks when she has once again entrenched herself behind her books.
  • Family and friends: His sister, Faye, often sits in her library behind a mountain of books. His father Fawn is very proud of his gifted son.

In Filly Fairy collection guide

He is called Willow in the document, too.

Filly Fairy early collection guide.png

References and links

  2. Translation from Thai: "ถึงชอบ แกล้งเพื่อน แต่ก็ กล้าหาญมากนะ."
  3. Translated from German: "Willow kann man sehr oft dabei beobachten, wie er auf Ästen balanciert, Kopf über von einem Baum herab hängt oder andere wagemutige Kunstücke macht. Sein vater Fawn weiß genau, das Willow eines Tages ein berühmter Akrobat sein wird."
Residents of the Pink Bellflower
Will, Fawn, Faye
Royal Magic Academy students
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