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The Witchy Fillies are a Filly type that live chiefly in Zimsala, and to some degree in Icia, and are noted for their magical powers that comes from their capes.


The main differing trait of the Witchy Fillies are their cloaks, which are necessary for a Witchy to do almost any sort of magic. At an uncertain age, a ceremony takes place under Abra's and Cadabra's auspices, and one cloak will choose to be that of the young Filly. In that case, Zimsala seems to have a pretty old population, as every current character of Filly Witchy on record have such a cloak.

The cloaks as seen in the toys, are colored and given decoration patterns according to the family of the Filly and their logos. A member of the Water family, for instance, will have dark blue cloaks with water logos on them. Some special-release figures' cloaks have more unusual colorations that are more difficult to group into families.

The Witchy Fillies have a very wide range of magic once they do have a cloak, though.

Contrasting with most other Filly types, the Swarovski gems are not in the head crown, but as a sort of golden necklace that keeps the cloaks fastened.

Abra and Cadabra wear hats that could be considered typical of a magician, and these have the five gems from other families that have been typical of land leaders in other Filly brands.

From 'Filly Sammelband'

MyFilly story highlights

  • The Filly© Witchys are wonderful and magical creatures that fly with the help of their magic cloaks in their secret world. When they fly, they leave a trail of sparkles and magic dust, and the crystals on their cloaks sparkle in the moonlight.
  • The largest castle in Zimsala is the home of Abra and her twin sister Cadabra. They have the biggest magical powers in Zimsala and know all the magic spells.
  • Each young Filly© Witchy attend a large ceremony in the castle and receive a magic cloak when they are at a certain age, which is a great honor for them. The cloaks choose their owners and give them unique magical powers.
  • At the tower of the castle is a large clock with 13 hour marks. The thirteenth hour is the Filly© Witchy hour! You can be sure that something magical and funny happens when the hour hand strikes 13!

List of Witchy Fillies

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In Filly Funtasia


Lynn is one of Filly Funtasia's five main characters. Her appearance in the show is based on her Black Edition design. Other Witchys are seen in later episodes of the show, sometimes appearing as background characters.

Abra and Cadabra appear as major characters for an episode of the show, with different appearances than in the toy lines.

Other names

They are called 'волшебные пони' ('the magical ponies') by the official russian flyer of the toy line.