Look into my eyes
Species Dark wizard
Gender Male
Home Royal Magic Academy / Crystal prison
First appearance The Cupcake Mystery
Title Mago Lang-ES
Other names Wizard of the Dark Mirror (early press material)
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Wranglum is the main antagonist of Filly Funtasia. He is a dark wizard whose true form is that of a large, hairy, bipedal monsters with a tree-stump like head. He has been trapped in a crystal prison and mostly contacts the Filly realm via his magic mirror, projecting his face onto its surface. He can also cast spells through the mirror with the help of magic crystals.

Wranglum-getting-swoll FTFD

Wranglum's true form


His main minion is the dorm pet Battiwigs, a clumsy bat who Wranglum usually treats poorly. Battiwig helps to keep Wranglum's mirror secretly stored in the basement of Royal Magic Academy and aids the wizard in his plans to steal crystals.

Wranglum has two other types of minions at his command: the bipedal, tree-like "grounders" that he occasionally summons, and animal-minions with glowing, purple eyes. The animal minions appear to be regular animals that Wranglum has taken over with his magic, and he has been seen using them to spy on Fillies.

Summoned-minions TSC

The grounders

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