Wranglum in Disguise
Season 1
Episode 3
Original airdate March 13, 2019
Written by Unknown
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Previous The Blue Rainbow
Next Alone at Last
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Wranglum in Disguise is the third episode of Filly Funtasia.


Wranglum takes his chance to take a different form for a day in his efforts to steal Principal Sparkle's crystals.


While relaxing with Rose, Will and Bella, Battwigs finds a crystal that he takes to Wranglum. The pair quickly learn that the crystal can grant Wranglum a temporary body, though it would fully disappear at sunrise. Wranglum believes the chance to steal crystals is worth the risk, but Battiwigs accidentally gathers the wrong ingredients for the spell, and Wranglum's new body is that of a (female) Filly.

Wranglum is angry at Battiwigs and sends him away, but uses his new form to infiltrate the school, introducing himself as "Petunia" to the other Fillies. Sparkle puts Rose in charge of integrating who they believe to be a new student, and Wranglum struggles to find time to sneak away. Among other activities, Rose insists "Petunia" help with the search for a cook's missing watch. "Petunia" doesn't understand why they should bother to help since it's just a cook, but Rose tells "Petunia" that even small people are helpful.

Later that night, Wranglum finally gets chance to return to Sparkle's office, but is caught, acts aggressively, and is sent to a floating tower to relax. Battiwigs, who has been concerned about and trying to help Wranglum throughout the day (despite being repeatedly sent away), comes to visit him. Wranglum begins to despair as he realises that he's trapped in a body that will disappear when the sun rises and, remembering Rose's words, he apologises to Battiwigs. With new determination, Battiwigs has an idea and flies off, returning just before sunrise with the ingredients to re-cast the spell. Wranglum returns safely to his mirror prison.


  • The episode's name was previously given as Wranglum Goes Fillying
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