Species Witchy
Gender Female
Home House of Hearts
First appearance Filly Witchy toy line
Parent/s Rhea
Sibling/s Alice

Literature descriptionsEdit

Taken from a Russian Filly magazine.


  • Name: Xenia
  • Who I am: Wizard's apprentice
  • My family: My sister Alice, my parents — Morgan and Rhea. And my pet — Alexis the Kitty.
  • Where I live: In a sweet as sugar house with hearts. You'll recognize it from far away by a big pink door over the entrance door. Welcome!
  • My favourite activity: Flying! Since I received my magical flight mantle a few weeks ago, I have been flying and flying. I train hard, and with every shot I have to do emergency landings less and less!
  • Activity I dislike: Perform in front of an audience and being in the center of attention.
  • My favourite treat: Heart-shaped cake with cherry-almond cream and chocolate frosting.
  • Treat I dislike: Roasted meat and pickled cucumbers. Even vanilla potatoes are tastier!
  • (From me to you: Magical Mandala with hearts! Paint it carefully!)

I'm proud of: When the wonderous magical flight mantle with hearts chose me on the special ceremony, I was finally ensured that I am a Heart Witchy!

My most powerful experience: One day I ate too much plum ice cream with cherry jam, and it was awful. My stomach hurt so badly that no magic could help. But then Alexis ran to me and lied on my stomach, like a hot-water bottle. And the ache disappeared almost instantly!

My biggest misfortune: Not so long ago, during my flight with Lynn, I forgot the safe landing spell. Fortunately, Flamy was flying nearby. He suggested using our mantles like parachutes. We did so and, in the end, successfully landed.

My favourite magic: We, Witchys of Hearts (or Heart Witchys — it's the same) usually do magic without words. All I need to do is just clearly imagine that my friend Lynn is standing next to me and — voila! — she really appears in front of me!

(Cat picture: Hee hee, Alexis angers my sister Alice sometimes by sleeping on top of her diary.)

My secret wish: To never quarrel with my friend Lynn.

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