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From the show's pitch bible
From the show's pitch bible
Voiced by • Fehér Tibor Lang-HU.png
• קובי ליקורמן Lang-HE.png
• Robert Vera (1-13, 18, 20, 23)

•Carlos García (21) Lang-VE.png

First appearance Filly Funtasia
The Blue Rainbow
Species Star
Gender Male
Title Filly Stars
Prince Lang-US.png
Other names Filly Magazine
• Зак Lang-RU.png

Filly Funtasia
• Зак Lang-UA.png
• זאק Lang-HE.png
• 张克 Lang-ZH.png

Home Moonlight region
Grandparents Antares
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Zack is a male Star Filly, and a member of the Moonlight group. He is usually calm and mysterious, even when compared to other Star Fillies.

In Filly Funtasia

Zack is one of the top best (if not the top best) in the Royal Magic Academy and the love interest and crush Rose, although it's possible he is aware of it yet still considers her as his friend.

From the pitch bible of the 'Filly Stars' special:

Zack is perhaps the best magic student in the history of magic students. Plus, the guy is way stylish and super cute, so all the young girls look up at him and the boys too... only the boys might be a bit jealous sometimes. This guy is so talented some teachers have made him their personal apprentice, including his grandfather, Antares, the astronomy teacher.

Toy canon

In the toys, he is an unseen prince in the gloomy land of the Filly Moonlights, but has established a secret friendship with Princess Zodia, which keeps growing stronger.

According to the MyFilly Facebook page, Zack has a pet golden owl!


  • There were many early fan names. The most common nickname given to him was Al, a shortening of "Alicorn".
    • Funtasia Daily and VK's Club Filly combined this with the various species that it has been guessed that he is, resulting in Al the Angelcorn and previously Al the Alicorn.
    • Fillychan also had a tradition for making one-time-use pun names out of "Alicorn", with such results as "Muhammed Ali-corn", "Alister Cornley", and "Alimond Cornkie".
    • When the October 2014 trailer had been released, and his name had been spoken out but not written, Funtasia Daily and several YouTube trailer uploaders spelled his name as Zach, partially expecting it to be a Biblical reference.
  • Before the announcement of the Filly Stars toy line, he has also been speculated to be other species, through sporting bird wings (like Angel Fillies) and a spiralling horn (like Unicorn Fillies).
    • Being the frontfigure of the "fillies with both horn and wings" phenomenon, he has been described as all of that page's terms, including alicorn, pegacornius and angelcorn. Similarities to Rafael's background story as an angel, including Rafael relying on falling stars and rare visits to a Filly kingdom, has been noted as well.
    • There were long-running speculations over whether he was meant to front a new Filly sub-brand, including pegasuses[1] and angels. After it having been a silent topic through most of late 2014, it was instead confirmed in January 2015 to be the Filly Stars toy line.
    • If Zack would be or was an Angel, then his name could be a nod to the various Biblical names that Zack is short for.
  • One of the images of concept art intended for the show may suggest Zack's father was planned to appear in the show's special (with the special being simply titled as Filly Stars). However it is not known which design would be the final one if Zack's father would be in Filly Funtasia.
  • As of the time the pitch bible of the show was written, Zack is stated to be one of the main characters for the Filly Stars special of Filly Funtasia.

Footnotes and references

  1. While My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its fandom usually spell it as "pegasi", Wiktionary shows "pegasuses" as a fully usable plural term in English.
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